Helping women with negative self-bias take charge of their thoughts to have more peace and live a happier life.



Does any of this sound familiar?

You are someone who wonder's what the remainder of their life holds for them. What is left, what is waiting for you. You wonder how to find real happiness and purpose. You want to feel joy, be happy, and know you have value. You want to  like and feel good about yourself. You say negative things to yourself about yourself. 


If so, then I am grateful you  stopped by because I believe I can help you. I can support you. I can give you encouragement. I can provide you with simple and practical views, ideas, and steps to help you live a happier life, and feel better about yourself. 

I spent many years thinking poorly about myself, my inability to do anything right, my lack of talents or skills, and my body size. 

My name is Kendra, and I really do trip over flat surfaces. I also have taken plenty of stumbles in life, and have found the thoughts I think about myself impact how I live my life, and get back up from those stumbles.

Encouragement can be life changing, and I want to help change yours. I want to live as an aggressive encourager, and have a passion to show you that the rental space in our head should be full of positive thoughts that give you a positive  return on investment (ROI) in life. 

I want to encourage you to think about the thoughts you have.  Learn how to know negative from positive thoughts, and learn ways to change your thoughts that help you realize your self-worth,  live a better life, and add value to your world. 

In this podcast I talk about life's stumbles, trips, and all out fall on your face events. Discuss the negative thoughts in our heads from those stumbles, how we can change those thoughts from negative to positive, pick ourselves back up, and then take the next step.  It is about real life stumbles that happened to me, those around me, and my occasional guests.

Let me be your encouragement for change, for you to live a happier life. 


Checklist Your Thoughts

Free Download

Not all the thoughts we have seem outright negative. Download this free resource to learn what makes a thought negative, and how you can check list your thoughts.

Tools To Talk To Negative

Free Download


Learn how to talk to someone who is negative. This free download will give you tools to communicate with negatively without letting it impact you.

A Path From Worry To Hope

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The choice of worry or hope can move you from feelings of anxiousness to positive expectations. Download this free resource to learn more.


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