Did you know the thoughts in your head are taking up valuable Mind Space Rental Place?  Do you view that space as having value? Do your thoughts give you a better, more positive view of your life and the world?

This is a message that has lived in my Mind Space Rental Place for years. In the name of self-development I spent years thinking poorly of myself, my life, and the world around me. I had to learn the difference between a good thought that lead me down a path of positive change, and a poor/negative thought that kept me thinking poorly of myself.

I am passionate about encouragement, challenging the thoughts you have about thoughts.
You can 
manage the thoughts in your head. You can identify bad thoughts; and you can change those thoughts to something positive and with meaning for a better life.
Click the link below, and listen to the podcast for simple, practical ideas to change your thoughts.


With All Your Heart and Soul


Words have power, and so we should speak with love about ourselves and about others.

We listen more to the thoughts about ourselves, and so we have to make the decision that above all else we will decide to push out negative words from our thoughts, and replace those negative words with more meaningful words. Words of grace and love for self, others, and wanting to make the world a better place.

We see what we seek. Seek love with all your heart and soul.

This is my horse Sahara, and she was rescued by Equine Rescue League in Lovettsville, VA. Want to find out more about horse rescue, clink the link below.


Be Redonkulous

This is Capri and Marcello. They are rescue donkeys, and are a bonded pair. Capri is a mini donkey, and Marcello is a smaller standard size. 

We can learn a lot from donkeys. Donkey's have played an important role throughout history. 

I encourage myself and others to be more donkey like. They are sweet, kind, quick to learn and slow to react. They are good listeners, value relationships, and give much joy.

We could all stand to be redonkulous with grace and kindness towards others.  Quick to listen, lend an ear; and slow to react or assume.

Capri and Marcello are from Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue in New Oxford, PA. Click the links below to find out about this rescue or to learn more about the wonderful world of donkey's.